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About Tiffinday

We are a producer of artisan quality vegan stews that are delicious, nutritious and very convenient to use. Simply heat and eat. Our products are perfect for quick lunches at work, or for those nights when you just don’t feel like cooking.

Each product contains a plant-based protein and natural ingredients you would find in any household kitchen. We pressure-can them without preservatives using ingredients that we source from local farmers during the growing season.

We are an independent small business based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Tiffinday Stews

Our Products

From mild to spicy, we have something for everyone. Our products cater to the delicate taste buds of young children as well as the discerning palate of spice lovers. Serving them up with rice or your favourite flatbread is the most common way to enjoy them. But you can also scoop them out as cold toppings on salads, assemble them into Buddha bowls, grill them in a bun as sandwiches, turn them into dips or reduce them with water or stock to make hearty soups. Visit our blog for inspiration to help you plan meals.

Tiffinday stews make it easy for you to enjoy plant-based meals in a variety of ways, without compromising on taste or nutrition.

Meal Kits For Charity

Each Jar You Purchase Helps Feed Someone In Need In Toronto

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Business With Purpose

As a Certified B-Corporation, Tiffinday has made a pledge to conduct business with respect for people and the environment and to be the change we seek in the world. We take this pledge to heart. Our commitment to using sustainable packaging, reducing plastic in our supply chain, paying fair wages and keeping our manufacturing locally within Ontario, are all part and parcel of upholding these principles.

You participate in this mission, too when you select our products. Each jar sold helps us make a contribution to feed a needy person in downtown Toronto. And by choosing a vegan meal, you reduce the amount of harmful Co2 emissions from entering the atmosphere.

Tiffinday Buddha Bowl

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