About us

Tiffinday is a boutique food business specializing in plant based cuisine.  All our products are plant based and cooked by human hand; we source our ingredients, as much as possible, and especially during the growing season from Ontario farmers because we believe in supporting our local economy first.

Our products are available through independent grocers and health food stores, farmers markets,  a lunchtime tiffin delivery service and catering.

Our story started in 2010;  inspired by the Mumbai dabawallas, we wanted to investigate the possibility of reducing lunchtime packaging waste by creating a  “litter-less” lunch delivery service.  We developed a simple menu, prepared the food fresh each morning at our restaurant, Udupi Palace, located in Toronto’s famous India Gerrard Bazaar, packaged the food in reusable stainless steel tiffins and started delivering them to offices in downtown Toronto. Within a few months, the service became really popular and we continue it even today.

A_BCorp_logo_NEGAlthough we are best known for the tiffins, our company has grown beyond this lunchtime service;  in keeping with our values of doing business as responsible corporate citizens, Tiffinday is a certified B-Corporation and we have pledged to conduct our business with respect for people and the environment, and to be the change we seek in the world.

We have come to know our suppliers closely and buy our produce from small and medium-sized Ontario farmers during the growing season;  this is where sustainability and innovation in agriculture is happening, and this community needs vital support from businesses like ours.  We sell our prepared food items at several farmers markets in Toronto from May to October.

Feb_13_TiffindayProductShots_21_2015-02-13_13-56-40_1PV_6067In 2014, after many requests from customers, we launched a retail line of our best selling curries. They are cooked by hand, pressure canned without preservatives in re-useable glass jars. It is only possible to produce artisan and high quality products such as these through small batch production.  Each batch is nurtured carefully by our chefs. They are made right at our restaurant and we set up this small batch manufacturing operation in Toronto on purpose – a globalized economy has resulted in a very high carbon footprint for the foods we consume;  the bulk of prepared South Asian foods on grocery store shelves are imported, flown and shipped in for us to consume, as if they cannot be made here – and we thought this was ridiculous. When almost every restaurant in Toronto has a highly trained South Asian chef who knows how to make this food, and we sit on some of the most fertile land in the country with a vibrant agricultural industry, we just knew products like these could and should be made in Toronto.  A local manufacturing base, offering local jobs all year round to make food close to home, just made sense.  And so, here we are…..