Farmers Markets

“We have neglected the truth that a good farmer is a craftsman of the highest order, a kind of artist.” ~Wendell Berry Fairmount Park Farmer’s Market  Wednesdays to Sep 15: Appetisers

The 2016 Farmers Market Season is over. 

We will be applying to Farmers Markets during the Spring of 2017 and look forward to bringing the deliciousness of Ontario to you, soon.

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From May to October, during Ontario’s growing season, we hang out with the folks that grow our produce.  We buy from them, learn from them and get inspired by them to do our bit to reduce the carbon footprint of our big city lives.Farmers’ markets offered us a venue to start our business and to show and tell our customers what made us special.  As we grow and our products become available to more people each year, we still gravitate back each summer to where it all started – and it’s because of our connection to the small and medium sized family farmer, whom we have come to know, very well.Ontario sits on prime farmland and farmers are custodians of this land. They understand the direct link between their farming practices and climate change; all the innovation in sustainable farming practices is coming from small and medium sized farmers. They are a critical component of a healthy food system in Ontario and their opportunity to earn a living is limited from May to October.

That is why we consider it vitally important to buy from them during this short season. What else would make sense?

Did you know:

Nine out of ten of the world’s 570 million farms are managed by families, making the family farm the predominant form of agriculture, and consequently a potentially crucial agent of change in achieving sustainable food security and in eradicating hunger in the future.

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