How Spicy?

How Spicy Are Tiffinday Stews?

Everyone’s experience with their taste buds is unique.  What’s spicy for one person may be mild for another.  We’re basing the suggestions below on the actual amount of chilli pepper we include in our recipes.

Our products range from mild to spicy and we’re sure we have something everyone can enjoy!

Mixed Veg Curry (Yellow Jar)

The mildest is our Mixed Vegetable Curry (yellow) made with an assortment of vegetables and black lentils (Udad Daal).  There’s no chilli Peppers at all in this stew.  You may safely serve it as a “curry for beginners” to your kids and anyone who does not enjoy South Asian cuisine because of the heat.

Loaded with turmeric, this is an ideal product to turn to during ‘flu season when that sore throat is killing you. Reduce with a little bit of water, heat it up and enjoy it as a hearty soup.

Lentil Spinach Curry (Green Jar)

Made from Pigeon Peas (Toor Daal), this is a staple in South Asian diets.  Fortified with a good dose of spinach, this is a medium spiced stew with a texture so smooth that it is certainly versatile to serve as a stew with rice.  However, it can also be served cold as a dip with crackers or a sauce with pasta.

Go ahead, give it a try.  You’ll love it.

Chickpea Curry (Red Jar)

If you love Channa Masala, then we promise this will not disappoint. Slightly spicier than the Lentil Spinach, the flavour is perfectly balanced with the sweetness of carmelized onions and a variety of other spices including cinnamon, garlic and star anise.

This is a our best seller and makes curry night very easy on those nights where you don’t want to cook or go out. Just heat and serve with naan or rice

Kidney Bean and Rhubarb (Pink Jar)

We introduced this for the spice loversIt is spicy and what you asked for. Traditionally called Rajmah, we gave our Kidney Bean Curry a twist by throwing in Ontario grown rhubarb.

Curries can be eaten cold, and this one is delicious as a topping on a bed of salad. Enjoy the tangy and hot flavours of this unusual dish.

Seema Pabari

I am the founder and owner of Tiffinday. As a life-long vegetarian and spoiled by a mom who is a wonderful cook, I love eating and writing about delicious food.