Curry Night for Two

Beans & Rice
Tiffinday Kidney Bean & Rhubarb Curry

Planning a night in? Then make it a curry night for two and spice it up with our Kidney Bean and Rhubarb curry. Traditionally called Rajmah, we’ve given it a twist by throwing tangy rhubarb into the flavour profile. If you are a lover of hot, spicy food, then prepare your tastebuds for a tantalizing journey. With three portions in a jar, there’s no guarantee you will have leftovers!

To enjoy Rajmah South-Asian style, serve it with whole-grain bread like naan, or make it gluten-free on a bed of fragrant Basmati rice. 

Cooking Rice

Nothing goes down with more satisfaction than a plate of rice and beans! However, I always get asked what’s the best way to cook rice? As a general rule, a cup of dry rice makes approximately 2 cups of cooked rice, depending on the variety you buy. Basmati rice has a rich, earthy fragrance that pairs well with any Tiffinday curry stew. There is no need to soak husked Basmati rice in advance, but the brown variety will need an overnight soak.

The first step for cooking rice is to clean it thoroughly in a pot of water rubbing the grains firmly between your fingers and thumb. Rice grains are tough and hard so don’t worry about crushing them. It’s important to change the wash water multiple times until it finally runs clean. 2-1/2 cups of clean water to 1 cup of dry rice is generally sufficient for most Basmati rice brands, but you may need to experiment to see what works with yours.

Bring it to a simmer on medium heat, and do not disturb the bubbling mix by stirring it or covering it up while it goes about its business. Just leave the pot to do its thing. Within 10 minutes or so, most of the water will boil off leaving the cooked rice heaving gently with starchy bubbles breaking at the top.

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This is when you can turn the heat down to simmer and cover the pot up with a lid. The steam will soften the rice grains nicely and you can turn the stove off after a minute. What you should get at the end is a soft grain that easily turns to mush under a spoon.

Now, this last part is optional. My mom always drizzles a spoonful of Ghee (purified butter) over the rice just before serving it. And I no longer enjoy Basmati rice without this finishing touch. The silky smooth mouth-feel of Gheen on warm rice will leave you spoiled like me. I am sorry to say rice dishes never taste as good at restaurants because my mom is not in charge.

Warming the Rajmah

Beans require pre-soaking if you cook them from scratch and then hours in a slow cooker. However, we’ve done all the work, you don’t have to. You simply scoop the contents out of the jar and heat it up in a saucepan. The curry is naturally thick. We recommend you wash out the jar with a little bit of water and add that into the saucepan to ensure the curry does not burn or settle at the bottom of the pot.

Serve and enjoy with your favourite wine and of course, candlelight.

Seema Pabari

I am the founder and owner of Tiffinday. As a life-long vegetarian and spoiled by a mom who is a wonderful cook, I love eating and writing about delicious food.