Certified B-Corporation

As a Certified B-Corporation, Tiffinday has made a pledge to conduct business with respect for people and the environment and to be the change we seek in the world. We take this pledge to heart. Our commitment to using sustainable packaging, reducing plastic in our supply chain, paying fair wages and keeping our manufacturing locally within Ontario, are all part and parcel of upholding these principles.


Vegan Meal Kits for Charity

When you purchase a jar of Tiffinday, you contribute towards our Vegan Meal Kits for Charity program which feeds someone in need in downtown Toronto.  We run this program in partnership with Building Roots, a not-for-profit charity working at a grassroots level. They are trying to solve the problem of hunger and access to fresh food in a low-income inner-city neighbourhood of Toronto called Moss Park, an urban food desert.


Measuring Our Impact

Feeding a planet with 7.8 billion souls is a messy business indeed. It has a direct negative impact on the environment. And we all know that making sustainable choices at our dinner tables can help. But can we quantify this to make it real?

We decided to measure this impact using our products, which contain plant-based proteins and comparing them to beef. The results amaze us each year! Even a small business like ours can make a difference, one jar at a time. We hope it will inspire you to choose plant-based options more often for your meals.

What You Eat Matters

Our products help you transition to plant-based proteins. For ideas on how to make Tiffinday part of your weekly meals, visit our blog.

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