Tiffinday Ready to Eat Curry Stews

Tiffinday stews are delicious, nutritious and extremely convenient. Classier than a can of beans, but just as easy, you simply heat and eat them! They are perfect for quick lunches or those nights when you simply do not want to cook. From mild to spicy, our products cater to the delicate taste buds of young children as well as the discerning palate of spice lovers. All vegan and made without preservatives,  each one contains vegetables and plant-based proteins from pulses, the edible seed of legumes.

Just Heat & Eat!

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Not to be confused with curry sauces or soups, Tiffinday stews are complete meals when combined with grains. Each jar serves three decent-sized portions and contains a pulse and vegetables. Pulses are the edible seeds of legumes and a high source of plant-based protein and fibre. They are at the beginning of the food chain and the most direct way to obtain protein in your diet. We measured the impact of consuming Tiffinday products against beef, and here’s what the numbers say.

Serving Tiffinday Stews

The easiest way to pair them is with grains, like rice, quinoa or your favourite flatbread. But you can also scoop them out as cold toppings on salads, assemble them into Buddha bowls, grill them in a bun as sandwiches, turn them into dips or reduce them with water or stock to make hearty soups. Visit our blog for inspiration to help you plan meals.

Canada’s Food Guide strongly endorses plant-based diets and recommends including pulses in your meals as often as possible.

And we make this easy for you!

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