Buddah Bowl | Tiffinday's Kidney Bean & Rhubarb Curry Stew

Kidney Bean & Rhubarb Curry Stew

Tiffinday Kidney Bean & Rhubarb NFT

Tiffinday's Kidney Bean & Rhubarb Curry StewSpice lovers asked us for a curry with a kick and we delivered. Our Kidney Bean & Rhubarb Curry Stew is the spicier one of the four. Traditionally called Rajmah, we gave ours a bit of a twist with Ontario-grown rhubarb for tang, which goes beautifully well with the other spices.

Kidney Beans are an excellent source of protein, rich in fibre and they rank low on the Glycemic Index, making them an ideal meal.

We stake our reputation against the best chilli and suggest this is the perfect dish for the Superbowl. You can never go wrong with beans and rice to fill you up. And how about tossing it into a Buddha Bowl, with rice, shredded veggies and some nuts as a topping? You can also try making a meatless club sandwich with it. The stew comes out of the jar very thick, almost like the consistency of chunky peanut butter. It’s an extremely versatile product and lends itself well as a spread over bread.

The possibilities are endless! If you are a lover of hot, spicy food, then prepare your tastebuds for a tantalizing journey. With three portions in a jar, there’s no guarantee you will have leftovers.

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