Tiffinday's Mixed Vegetables & Lentils Curry Stew

Mixed Vegetables & Lentils Curry Stew

Tiffinday Mixed Vegetables & Lentils Curry Stew Nutritional Facts

Tiffinday's Mixed Vegetables & Lentils Curry StewThis is our mildest curry stew, made with an assortment of vegetables and black lentils (Udad Daal). There are no chilli peppers at all in the recipe. You may safely serve it as a “curry for beginners” to your kids and anyone who can’t handle spicy food.

This was a perennial favourite at farmers’ markets when we first started selling the jars. We would serve it hot in a bowl over fragrant basmati rice for the kids. And in time, we learned to keep a shaker of chilli peppers at our table so parents could enjoy a spicier bowl for themselves.

Loaded with turmeric, this is an ideal product to turn to during ‘flu season when that sore throat is killing you. You can also reduce it with water or stock, and enjoy it as a hearty soup.

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