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Just wanted to let you know that your products are incredible! I love the kidney bean rhubarb curry – it’s so unique-tasting and absolutely delicious. It’s so easy to choose plant-based products when they’re this good. I can’t wait to try the chickpea one!

Laura W., Hamilton, Feb 5, 2019

Available as convenient prepared foods from independent grocers and health food stores. 


All vegan and cooked by human hand, these are high quality, artisan products made in small batches. Pressure canned without preservatives in reusable glass jars, our curries are delicious and convenient for those nights when you simply do not want to cook.  Classier than a can of beans, simply heat them up and enjoy on a bed of rice, or with a slice of warmed up naan bread. Our products range from mild to spicy and we’re sure we have something everyone can enjoy! Here’s more information about each product. 

These are complete meals, not to be confused with curry sauces.  A jar serves three portions, each one contains vegetables and plant-based proteins from pulses, the edible seed of a family of plants called legumes.

Legumes convert solar energy to make nitrogen for themselves; excess nitrogen is passed into the soil, enriching it for other plants.  Pulses are key for reducing our dependence on petroleum based fertilizers. Not only are they good for our soil, they are also good for us, nourishing our bodies with excellent plant-based proteins.

Pulses are at the beginning of a sustainable food chain and are how we will feed a planet with a growing human population. Here is how a Tiffinday meal helps to significantly lower your carbon footprint, compared to non-vegetarian sources of protein.

Canada’s Food Guide strongly endorses including plant-based proteins, like pulses, in your diet as often as possible. And we help make this easy for you.

Visit our blog for serving suggestions and convenient meal ideas.

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Exciting ready to eat meal that is delicious, good for you and made with love. Widely available, a terrific choice.

Shelley D.A , Guelph, Oct 23, 2016

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Your red kidney rhubarb curry: out of this world. I have friends from out of town who ask me to pick up jars from @canaryandfox to bring to them! Great cold, great warm, great hot, great on bread, great on rice, great on avodado, great on anything!!! Thank you @tiffinday and @canaryandfox!!#!

66Normee, Toronto, Jan 28, 2019