Retail ready-to-eat Curries

If God had intended us to follow recipes, He wouldn’t have given us grandmothers. ~Linda Henley

And that’s how the recipes for each of our products were created, from the wisdom of the ages. All plant-based and cooked by human-hand, this is good food made like it was meant to be.

Ready-to-eat curries

Our best selling curries are now available as convenient prepared foods from independent grocers and health food stores.  All vegan and cooked by human hand, these are high quality, artisinal products made in small batches. Pressure canned without preservatives in reusable glass jars, our curries are delicious and convenient for those nights when you simply do not want to cook.  Classier than a can of beans, simply heat them up and enjoy on a bed of rice, or with a slice of warmed up naan bread.

Unlike curry sauces, these are complete meals.  Each one of our products contains a pulse and vegetables;  pulses are the edible seed of a family of plants called legumes, one of the few organisms in the world that convert the power of the sun to make nitrogen for themselves; excess nitrogen is passed into the soil, enriching it for other plants.

Pulses are key for reducing our dependence on petroleum based fertilizers.  Not only do they naturally keep the soil enriched, they are a very good source of plant based proteins.

Pulses are at the beginning of a sustainable food chain and are how we will feed a planet with a growing human population.

As a business committed to being part of a sustainable agricultural community, all Tiffinday’s retail products start with the pulse.

A globalized economy has resulted in a very high carbon footprint for most the foods we consume.  In Canada, the bulk of prepared South Asian foods on the shelves of our grocery stores are imported;  they are flown and shipped in for us to consume, as if we cannot make them here – and we thought this was ridiculous!

Almost every restaurant in Toronto is headed by a highly trained South Asian chef who knows how to make this food; we sit on some of the most fertile land in the country with a vibrant agriculture industry – the ingredients are readily available.  It just made sense that products like these could and should be made locally.

We have come to know our suppliers closely and buy our produce from small and medium-sized Ontario farmers during the growing season; they are the innovators for sustainable agriculture in Ontario agriculture and need vital support from businesses like ours.

We work in a simple facility capable of churning out decent sized small batches, each nurtured carefully by our chefs.

And that’s what our business is all about. Local jobs, supporting a local industry to make delicious food for you to enjoy close to home.