Vegan Meal Kits For Charity

When life gets difficult, it’s tougher for those who have less.”

Tiffinday and Udupi Palace, the restaurant where our stews are made, love feeding people. However, what we enjoy most is feeding those who cannot take good food for granted. Too many people go hungry in Toronto in urban food deserts, where they lack access to supermarkets and in turn, nutritious, fresh and affordable food.

Building Roots is a grassroots organization trying to solve this problem in Moss Park, a priority neighbourhood in downtown Toronto. Community residents consistently face food insecurity, and the COVID-19 pandemic has made the problem even worse, particularly for seniors and disabled individuals. Through their charitable arm, Growing Neighbourhoods Foundation, Building Roots delivers fresh food hampers weekly to those in need. Our vegan meal kit was created to support these efforts.

Tiffinday Vegan Meal Kit

Nothing can be more noble than feeding a hungry human.

Tiffinday vegan meal kits are delicious, nutritious and satisfying. Of course, we included our bestseller, chickpea curry stew in the mix, along with fragrant Basmati rice and a spinach-potato curry. Cooked from scratch, by people (not machines), we use local ingredients when seasonally available. The meals are prepared and packed the night before, and we deliver them refrigerated to Building Roots the next day. They can easily be reheated in a microwave.

Business with Purpose

When you purchase a Tiffinday jar, you also contribute to feeding someone in need, right in the heart of our city!

Tiffinday is a certified B-Corporation, and among a group of over two hundred in Canada, using business as a force for good. We have dedicated a percentage of our sales to supply Building Roots with free meals to distribute in Moss Park. However, as a small business ourselves, we cannot make these weekly needs work throughout the year. This is where we need your help.

Individual & Corporate Donations

We invite individuals and corporations to also participate in our Vegan Meal Kit program. It can be a wonderful way to commemorate a loved one’s memory. And as a philanthropic corporate exercise, it will allow your employees to make a worthwhile contribution to a local community.

Building Roots can purchase meals for a weekly basket in bulk, and at cost from us for $300. If you state “Tiffinday” in the notes when making your donation, they will direct it towards the meal kits. As a registered charity, their foundation will provide you with a tax receipt.

We place a label on the lids of the meal kits. If you would like a memory shared, or your corporation identified as donors, please include this message with your donation. For more information about this program, contact Lisa Kates at Building Roots, or Seema Pabari at Tiffinday.